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🌟 Breakfast & Biz 1st Qtr Magic 🌟

What a fabulous start to the day at The Magnolia Room! We kicked off our first quarter with an energizing Breakfast & Biz meeting, surrounded by the brilliant minds of Decatur. A huge shoutout to the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce for organizing such a vibrant gathering.

Special thanks to our guest speaker, Daniel Starr from Lightwire Solutions, who illuminated the path to cyber security with his expertise. 🛡️💡 If you're seeking wisdom in keeping your digital world secure, definitely check them out!

Here's to making connections, learning, and growing together. 🚀 #JerrySmithAndAssociates #JSandA #BreakfastAndBiz #CyberSecurity #DecaturProud #CommunityGrowth

📸✨ Photo Cred: Rachel Keith 🌟

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